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These delicious chilli chocolate bars are made in the west country by Baytree Candies who have been making confectionary since 1967 and are made to our specifications including my very own grown Devon chillies.

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Bar Types

Milk Chocolate Jalapeño Bar 80g, Dark Chocolate Jalapeño Bar 80g, Milk Chocolate Carolina Reaper Bar 80g, Dark Chocolate Carolina Reaper Bar 80g


Dark Chocolate 55% cocoa solids min,Sugar, MILK Powder,Emulsifier, SOYA Lecithin, 2% Chilli Flakes

Milk Chocolate 33% cocoa solids min, Sugar, MILK Powder, Emulsifier, SOYA Lecithin, 2% Chilli Flakes

Allergy Advice…
For allergens see ingredients written in BOLD capitals.May contain traces of NUTS

7 reviews for Chilli Chocolate

  1. Mark Shepherd

    Superb service from DCM. I bought some reaper and jalapeño chocolate. Ordered Thursday and it arrived friday. Tasty with a firey kick

  2. Katie Steele

    Lovely creamy chocolate with a great kick ! A total win!

  3. andy nixon

    Absolutely stunning stuff both are silky smooth and extremely tasty and even with the extra kick of the reaper keeps u wanting more u just can’t help falling in love with it

  4. Mike

    Devonchilliman does it again reaper chocolate with some serious punch being a chilli lover I should of known what to expect you get the beautiful milk chocolate and crunchiness of the reaper you then get bombarded by a inferno
    However have toilet paper handy the next morning
    Very enjoyable product and I would buy again class a service as always x

  5. John Pearson

    I have tried lots of chilli chocolates over the years and have often been left very disappointed,
    Then the Devon chilliman created what I will have say is the best I have ever tried creamy chocolate great flavour and with a generous amount of chilli, the jalepeneo chocolate has a good kick of chilli and for those of you who like quite a bit of heat like me then you will not be disappointed with the Carolina Reaper.
    Great service as always at a really good price.

  6. Paul Taylor

    Tried the Chilli Chocolate today, bought one of each but dived straight into the Milk Chocolate Reaper.
    It starts as you may expect, velvety chocolate which is actually quite good, a nice crunchy texture from the chillies which release a gentle heat, perfectly complimenting the chocolate.
    … and then, its starts to build, just as you are thinking the reaper has been tamed, it starts to scythe at your taste buds in the only way the Reaper can, I went in for another bite, the chocolates sweet taste gently caressing your palette until the next sweep of the scythe!
    Sorry, I’m getting carried away, this stuff is absolutely amazing, cant wait to try the dark … now need to find a hearty full bodied red, is any wine up to the task?”

  7. Adam (verified owner)

    Lovely chocolate. I tried the dark reaper version. The heat level is a bit irregular based on the spread of the chilli flakes on top but that seems to add to the fun especially if you don’t look when you pick a piece.

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