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This very exclusive and limited edition absolutely stunning Carolina Reaper Sambal won me over instantly when my friend Bram Bonnewel from Holland sent me a sample of it. First of all it has a sweet taste to start with and then you are on a rollercoaster of a ride of pure extreme heat to the point it actually feels like your lips are burning !!!!

I just had to have the recipe but it has taken me a while to convince him to share his secret family recipe,but he has finally given in to me pestering him & now all you fellow chilliheads can enjoy this ride with me. Each jar contains 230grams & 33% of that is Pure Carolina Reaper chillies of which I have grown myself here in Devon from seeds I sourced from Ed Currie of The Puckerbutt Pepper Company in South Carolina USA. This is officially the worlds hottest chilli and in the Guinness Book Of World Records and has a scoville heat rating of 1,569,300 on average,(Reaches 2,200,000+ SHU)

This is without doubt the hottest chilli product I sell …MWAHAHA….

***Warning this is an extremely hot product***

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Ingredients : Onions 40%,Carolina Reaper 33%,Refined Sugar 8%,Sunflower Oil 7.5%,Sweet Soy Sauce 7.5%,White Vinegar 0.5%,Salt & Various Spices

19 reviews for Carolina Reaper Extreme Hot Sambal

  1. Sebastian

    Best hot sauce I’ve ever tried ✌️❤️

  2. Richard (verified owner)

    The most deliciously evil treat ever!

  3. Dave Cuppens

    The best sambal I’ve ever tasted. Everytime you eat it you can still taste your food but when you take too much you will know it. Bloody hell thanks for the lovely product.

  4. Andy

    Tastes as good as it is hot, not had a dull sarni or family strength curry since getting this!

  5. Andrew Turner

    I have just made a Sambal Goreng Daging using This Sambal and I cannot describe how tasty the sauce is and how good it smells. It is unbelievable! It is genuinely one of the best sauces I have ever tried.

  6. Alex Owen

    Honestly guys, on an empty stomach you’re in for a real rollercoaster ride!!! Personally i think id have to go to hospital if i were to drink some but you may be able to pull that off.. I went to visit cliffs glass houses of fire for a pest check up and had literally a third of my small finger nail of the sambal and I was in utter turmoil, sweating, cramps, high temp, It actually took me to my knees a good few times!! It’s the real deal for sure.

    HOWEVER, when you don’t have an empty stomach, this is the nicest sauce / Sambal i have ever experienced, can be added to various dishes, wraps, butties to give them a good punch or simply used as a dipping sauce, however you use it, if you aren’t afraid of the heat you will be taken on a sensational journey of fire and flavour 10/10 on this one from me

  7. Gary Weeks (verified owner)

    I’m so glad Cliff has put this product into general population now as its one of those items the world needs to know about.

    I was lucky enough to be one of the original, limited edition, tasters and fell in love with this sambal instantly.

    The slightly sweet, smokey and caramel flavours, along with the slow build in heat of the reapers in there make this sambal such a versatile product. Use it on bacon butties, dollop onto a burger or use it to heat up or deepen a flavour profile, the choices are endless.

    This sambal also deserves respect. As tasty as it is, it packs a serious punch. You maybe a chillihead and love heat but get the amount wrong and you maybe cramping for a few hours later. You have been warned!

  8. Nita Patel

    Your review is awaiting approval
    An amazing taste sensation. I can eat hot sauces but prefare a chilli hit. that does not mask the flavour of the food.
    Well this sauce gives you the Carolina Reaper hit and complements the food I eat. Dark and rich in flavour and does not mask the flavour of my food. This jar is not going to last long.
    Respect to you brother. That is a hell of a sauce and I would serve that up at my parties no problem. Congratulations!

  9. Karen Ridley (verified owner)

    Heaven in the form of hellfire absolutely evil deliciousness and the best thing I’ve ever tasted

  10. Kirk hills (verified owner)

    All I can say is perfect!

    I’ve tried countless hot sauces and pickles powders but nothing or no one comes close to the finest UK professional chilli wizard called cliff great gentleman and I’m very happy I found his company ps you’s have to try death at the crimson altar quite possibly the best hot sauce I’ve ever tried

    Have a great season cliff and to anyone else growing super hot good luck hopefully the summer season is favourable to yous

    Best wishes Kirk hills

  11. Kirk hills (verified owner)

    One of my favourite simple meal is a good piece of t bone steak get a big loaf of uncut sanfransisco sourdough bread buffalo mozzarella cheese and a nice bunch of green leafs and big splash of 7pot brainstrain sauce then a lovely layer of crimson altar sauce some sea salt and black pepper to Finnish it serves normally 4 people but I don’t like to share lol

  12. Jon Bentley (verified owner)

    Awesome sauce, great flavour and a serious amount of heat, this is probably the best hot sauce I have tasted. Brilliant 🙂

  13. Ben Elliott

    This was included in our Extra Heat XXX selection box and of course when it arrived we went straight in with the spoons sampling it all. When we tried this one the flavour came through straight away then followed by the heat, it knocked us both for six. It was super hot but not unbearable and all the while there was heat there was still a great flavour.

  14. gregroe (verified owner)

    What an incredible taste! Really spicy without losing the magnificent flavours throughout. Really difficult to find a good balance and this certainly brings out the best!!

  15. sdgelectronics (verified owner)

    This sambal is amazing. Completely transforms any dish and has a real kick to it. Highly recommended

  16. James Harris

    This is the level that all other chilli condiments need to be judged!

    Let me start by saying i am no fan of sweetness!

    Open this jar and it will lull you into an utter sense of false security! It’s a sweet smell.

    Taste it and it will take you on a gentle but determined journey to spice hell.

    There are sauces out there which are hot, hardcore hot which I love! This is properly hot with equal measures of taste and flavours!

    I said I hate sweet but this gives me heat with a sweet and salty note I presume from the soy sauce!

    My disappointment in this sauce comes from not knowing what will be better than this, it is my staple sauce from now on!

  17. Gillies Chillies

    What can I say?

    Well first of all, this stuff totally caught me by surprise. My first encounter was a big dollop of the stuff on a spoon straight in the gob! Although whilst I knew it was going to be bloody inferno hot, it pleasantly caught me off guard with an indulgent oniony almost sweet taste which ofcourse was followed up by an instense heatwave of Carolina Reaper burn! A none chillihead would think it was pretty crazy to insert such a scolding hot spoonful into their mouth – but, I’ve got to say I enjoyed the experience from start to finish! Absolutely spectacular! Even gave me the numb face and fuzzy chilli buzz! It was fabulous!

    My second go with this was with some mixed roast vegetable and roast jerk chicken. I’ve got to say it worked perfectly! I added two heaped teaspoons and it really brought the meal up to a substantial heat level and intensified those flavours at the same time! The beauty of this stuff is that, because it’s onion based it will pretty much work with absolutely anything!
    Grab a spoon, grab a jar of this, dash in a spoonful and BOOM instant heat – instant flavour!

    This stuff is refined to perfection! Don’t believe me?
    Try it for yourself!

  18. bobbybean1989 (verified owner)

    Wow! This stuff is amazing! Mind blowing taste followed by a mind blowing heat which simmers down to leave the ultimate satisfying taste again! Found myself going back to it all day. 10/10!!

  19. Harold (verified owner)

    Just wow!!!! This Sambal is the hottest chilli sauce I’ve eaten. My mouth was on absolute fire and it tastes absolutely delicious; especially with sweetness of the onions. I can’t recommend enough for avid chilli heads!

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