All Days Are Good Days.

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This collaboration is one of large numbers and even longer chilli names.Lets cover those numbers first.This is produced in Aberdeenshire & Devon at the same time.So our first large number is 982.The number of KM between each ferment.The next number is 365.The number of days we left this one fermenting.And the long name ? We of course used the magical Purple Naga Viper Brain a chilli we are no stranger to.

The result is outragous.This one has it all,all the heat,all the funk,all the flavour.Get it on eggs,onto chicken wings etc.

There are only 30 bottles of this in existence and you will only find 15 of them here.The other 15 are only available from Singularity Sauce Co.

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Red Peppers,Apricots,Purple Naga Viper Brain Chillies,Smoked Garlic,Onion,Cardamom,Coriander Seed,Black Peppercorns,Water.
Allergens: please see ingredients in BOLD

3 reviews for All Days Are Good Days.

  1. gerryfergus79 (verified owner)

    My bottle arrived today, which was perfect timing as the misses had done a rather bland paprikash.

    This definitely helped me add some zing, heady smoked garlic and cardamom

    Loved it, an instant classic. Well done Cliff, you’ve made an auld Scottish git very happy again

  2. Ross

    I’m not sure about everyday being a good day. But the day I got my hands on a bottle of this sauce certainly was!

    Nice spice flavour to open just as the the heat kicks in. Then left with a lovely taste that the ferment brings you “unami” I think its known as.

    All the while the garlic and a hint of the fruit let you know they are there.

    This has to be up there in terms of rankings for me. Not quite SMPU for me but knocks others down the ranking a little bit.

  3. Peter Freeman

    Definitely a 5* sauce. As it’s such an elaborate recipe, I had this with a simple grilled chicken breast to let the flavours stand out. It’s hot with out being overpowering, rich and earthy, with a nice, spicy tang slowly building to a satisfying warmth in the mouth. No one flavour dominates, helping to create a fine, alround chilli sauce suitable for a broad range of uses, but it’ll be one of those those bottles that comes out for special occasions rather than being splashed on everything. I’d say it’s a credit to Devonchillman and his partners, although it hasn’t knocked my top favourites such as Smack m’Peach Up and Death at the Crimson Altar off their perches.

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