Dehydrated Purple Naga Viper Brain Chillies

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These DEVONCHILLIMAN grown 10g (approximately) 100% dehydrated Purple Naga Viper BrainĀ  pods are supplied in a Mylar foli pouch which is heat sealed to keep out oxygen/humidity etc so they won’t spoil. Once opened they can be resealed with the ziplock.

Species:Capsicum chinense [Hybrid]

Scoville Heat Units: estimated to be over 1,000,000

Grown, picked and dried in Devon UK

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Weight 0.022 kg


100% Devon grown and dried Carolina Reaper Pods

1 review for Dehydrated Purple Naga Viper Brain Chillies

  1. Karen Ridley

    Dehydrated little balls of fire! Just brilliant!

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