Smack M’Peach Up Hot Sauce ***NOW 140ml***

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Smack M Peach Up Hot Sauce is a bitter sweet, fruity and aggressively hot chilli sauce!! Made with DevonChilliMan’s home grown ‘Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion’ chillies, blended with Peaches and Honey!

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Ingredients: Peaches, Sugar, Jay’s Peach Ghost chilli, Cider Vinegar, Honey, Salt, Spices.


6 reviews for Smack M’Peach Up Hot Sauce ***NOW 140ml***

  1. clayton (verified owner)

    Amazing tasting sauce, one of my favorites, Cliff is a genius. So glad I found his products.

  2. Kirk hills (verified owner)

    Awesome sauce by a great guy wonderful flavours and perfect balance of heat!

  3. Jason Evans (verified owner)

    a real chilli sauce with some great ingredients

  4. Ojchillies

    “Smack m’peach up” From the Devonchilliman…The time has come to get this opened up and tasted. Having already tried “Death at the crimson altar” and “Devon7”, this had BIG shoes to fill.

    So it got opened. before I gave it a good dose of smelling. This one has the best “fragrance” of the 3..really great full on fruity odeur to it. You definitley smell the Peaches , Cider Vinegar and a subtle hint of Chillies.

    The spoon test. ..just the sauce on its own. Putting the spoon in my mouth I blurted out “Holy shit” as an aggressive heat hit me from all sides like taking a double decker bus to the face. I started that riddiculous heavy breathing we do when when our mouths are on fire. This, personally, is a lot more aggressive heatwise than the crimson altar or Devon7. The latter 2 are ninjas…they creep up and punish you. The smack m’peach up is a cage fighter. .BLAM !….straight away.

    A good 15 minutes later it started to calm down. Taste test with Calamari (fried squid rings) . I admit to now being a bit wary and reduced the dose. .this time I got the flavour; gorgeous peachy sweet hot nectar. .an absolute inferno in my mouth quenched only by its equally beautiful flavour.

    With my hand on my heart I don’t know how Cliff (The Devonchilliman) does it. It is completley different from his other sauces and just as delicious, moreish, and well balanced.

    The smack m’peach up I give an 8/10. It is another very good sauce and I found it to be very hot, very aggressive. I imagine on a kebab it would be a game changer. .why 8 out of ten? I gave the crimson altar and Devon7 10/10 and it did have stiff competition. This is a really good sauce. Yet again happy I ordered it, well done Cliff again….

  5. Ian Trudgian (verified owner)

    Sweet peach flavour with a pleasant mouth tingling heat
    Easy afterburn
    Heat 5/10
    Lush with cheese.

  6. Ross Labdon

    This was my second of the selection of sauces I grabbed from Cliff. After only recently stumbling across the DCM.

    This one is certainly my go to for heat with flavour (DACA for flat out heat, and XXX GS for flavour)

    I love the fruity (peachy) taste of this sauce it is cracking stuff. And the heat is certainly there as you would expect from Scorpion chillies.

    This strain of Scorpion doesn’t quite have the same “Sting in its Tail” as its bigger brothers but it makes up for that in the flavour. The taste of the chillies is there but the strain goes really well with the added peaches.

    My only downside is needing bigger bottles of this stuff. It’ll be used on everything!

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