3 Bottle Devonchilliman Christmas Hotbox

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This 3 Bottle Sauce Collection Contains The Following…
1 x Pow – 140ml
1 x Gibbering Smoke  – 140ml
1 x Sweet Lillies – 140ml

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7 reviews for 3 Bottle Devonchilliman Christmas Hotbox

  1. Karen Ridley (verified owner)

    Brilliant gift idea for us chilliheads! Each sauce is delicious my favourite is gibbering smoke!

  2. Stephen Brookes

    WOW, packs a Tyson punch but with Michelin star flavour. You know it’s good for strength and flavour, but I know these are all grown using the cleanest growing techniques and with the most passion. This is a great pack for your family/friends that love hot food! 10/10 5*

  3. Sebastian

    Superb happy with this Devon Chilli Man box, highly recommended, best of luck buddy

  4. Dominic (verified owner)

    This is the perfect set to have in the house, whether it be for condiments, cooking sauces or just to liven up a meal.
    The 3 sauces are very different so I’ll address them in turn.
    POW! My word, what a sauce. Fruity, spicy, really flavoursome. The heat comes more slowly but it definitely arrives, just in its own time. It makes an excellent accompaniment to salads, cold meats etc. In fact it makes a really good substitute for mustard in a ham sandwich.
    Gibbering Smoke! A real “Go-To” sauce for everything from a sausage sandwich, bacon sandwich, meaty pizzas right through to fillet steak. In fact it makes a much better sauce than A1 steak sauce. This is one to keep in the car for when you are out and about eating.
    Death at the Crimson Altar! I had not tried this before but very glad I now have it. A word of caution though, this is a proper hot sauce. It is very flavoursome, lots of the ingredients come through in spades. No chemical tastes, probably because there simply aren’t any chemicals in there. This is all good wholesome, home-grown ingredients. The heat is nothing short of awesome and again, it does creep up a bit. As a straight out condiment it’s probably more for the true chilli heads but, as a cooking sauce a teaspoon will liven up any Spag-Bol, Chilli-con-Carne and even provide a deeper and richer flavour to a casserole. Don’t let the strength of it put you off, just use it to suit your own taste.
    Overall I would say this set really adds to any kitchen and the best bit is knowing it is home produced with absolutely no E numbers or chemicals. Proper food like we used to have when I was a kid.

  5. martyn.stocks7878 (verified owner)

    Hi cliff i love the chilli boxset really enjoying trying them all i’m so glad my brother tim put me on to you. 🙂

  6. Gilby (verified owner)

    Okay I’m going to start off by saying, Wow.
    These sauces are all so different it’s impossible to pick any kind of favourite amongst them.
    So I’ve taken it upon myself to individually review each one!

    Not the hottest hot sauce I’ve eaten, I’d say it was mild, but the flavour is intense and super fruity and it’s followed up by a creeping habanero burn! I’d definitely recommend this sauce for a meaty pizza of some sorts! I’d describe it as tangy compared to the others, but nonetheless definitely a 5 star sauce!
    If you’re a chilli head, this is definitely something you could use on a daily basis! Delicious!

    Gibbering Smoke!
    I’ve got to admit, In my kitchen cupboard at home I have quite an extensive selection of hot sauces, and this has just taken the top spot.
    I’m actually really annoyed if I’m honest, and that’s because I ran out of it so fast!! The smokey chipotle flavour would work perfectly with some ribs, for a BBQ, a bacon sandwich, in fact I’m pretty sure you could probably find a way to make it work with anything. This sauce is absolutely unbelievable. I’ve let a few of my friends and work colleagues try some and they were also in mutual agreement with how good this sauce tastes! I can’t really describe it, just take mine and everyone else’s word for it and TRY IT! My only quibble is, they don’t sell it in the shop! Hahaha! 11 out of 10 sauce, it’s that good, I’m not going to spoil it for you.

    This is a seriously hot sauce, I think on my first serving I had about 2 teaspoons, quite a bit more the second time around and I’ve got to say, as a chilli head, it did not disappoint!
    One thing I will note is that, normally when I’ve had sauces that equate to this level of heat they normally tend to sacrifice flavour. This sauce does anything but that. The best way I’d describe it is, you get this lovely tangy pepper taste to start with and after about 10 seconds it starts to feel like you’ve had a shot of whiskey and your neck, your chest and your mouth start to warm up, which ultimately intensifies to that familiar yet slightly nullified Carolina Reaper burn. Just when you think it’s all over you get this surreal burst of liquorice flavour which as odd as it sounds works perfectly!
    The worst thing about this sauce is, you want to taste more but it hurts so bad! It’s super addictive as are all nice tasting hot sauces. This is a very very hot but yet well balanced sauce.

    Overall I cannot fault any one of the sauces at all. (Apart from how fast it disappears).
    5 stars all round from me. Perfect.
    If you like hot sauce, then why are you sat here still reading these reviews?! Just buy them already!!

  7. Reece Oglesby (verified owner)


    After being put onto DCM products by a close friend that works with them, I was blown away and still am every time I try a new product!

    This selection of sauce is not just your typical chilli sauce that adds heat and a bit of a kick. Theses sauces have real deep and rich flavours built in – I had no idea so many different tastes could be extracted and made from Chillis!

    I honestly believe this is THE BEST manufacturer of hot sauce worldwide! That is saying something as I’ve tried loads, I’m the sort of person people by spicy stuff to test if they can break me! DCM is the only thing that comes close to providing the extra hot heat I love and an insane flavour behind it all. I am flying through these 3 sauces after only a few days and will need to order more soon at this rate, I’m putting it on everything I eat almost! Bacon sandwiches become something ridiculous when teamed with Death at the Crimson Altar.

    Blown away also by the almost bbq undertones in the Gibbering Smoke sauce, my whole family (even the ones who hate spice) love this despite the heat!

    I will always shout as loud as I can about these products and really hope they become a household name in years to come. Should be in Tesco, Asda etc for all to try, I honestly believe it would take over!

    Having tired all 3 in this box, the strawberry sauce, Sambal and a few others I would shop nowhere else ever again, DCM you have gained a lifetime customer!

    Any one reading this hovering over the “add to cart button” JUST DO IT, you will not regret it I promise you!

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