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Death At The Crimson Altar is my second hottest sauce. I would describe it as a “Blood Red Sauce With A Deathly Heat” as it contains Devonchillimans own grown super hot chillies of which some are the worlds hottest chillies and include “The Carolina Reaper” (Worlds No1 Hottest Chilli) “Moruga Scorpion”, “Naga”,”Red Savina” & a few other ingredients to give this premium sauce a distinctly unique flavour. Its also in a full size 140ml bottle and trust me this “Will” go a long way !!!

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Ingredients: Moruga Scorpion,Naga,Red Savina,Carolina Reaper,Vinegar,Beetroot,Mango,Salt,Mustard,Liquorice,Spices

13 reviews for Death at the Crimson Altar Hot Sauce

  1. clayton

    This sauce has to be the best ive ever tasted, its heat is amazing. Great with any meal or sarny!

  2. Karen Ridley

    Stunning sauce great on burgers and steaks!

  3. Karen Ridley

    Stunning sauce great on burgers and steaks!

  4. Kirk Glendening

    Wow. This is a proper hot sauce. Great flavour and a real kick to go with it. I’ve replaced my store bought hot sauce with this and will never go back. Tremendous.

  5. Kirk hills (verified owner)

    2nd bottle of this truly magnificent and unique sauce just one word and that’s awesome!! Hats off mate you have done Britain proud your one of a kind cliff and I’m proud of this sauce and proud of your company excellent

  6. Andrew Turner (verified owner)

    Genuinely one of the best sauces around, having tried the travel bottle I had to get the bottle. It is a joy to eat and is perfectly balanced!! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Conor

    Truly the best hot sauce I’ve ever had the pleasure to try. It has a solid heat to it, but in what was a pleasant surprise to me (as someone who is new to DCM work), did not sacrifice flavour.

    Best of both worlds: Fiery and Flavoursome. Get a bottle, you won’t look back.

  8. Kirk hills (verified owner)

    What can I say? Well being a real chilli bug I’ve tried almost every professional hot sauce company’s going including USA sellers and respect to them guys but truly this sauce is simply unmatchable on the market I hope the world knows about it and gives it 5 stars I’d give it 10 stars if I could much respect cliff

  9. Lyndon (verified owner)

    Very tasty and very hot. One of the best sauces I’ve ever had. Will be ordering more

  10. Ojchillies

    Death at the crimson altar. …well. .it got opened. I was trying to resist opening this one for two reasons. 1) I wanted to finish the Devon7 and 2) I was scared.

    Having had guests here last night one of whom loves Chillies. .the conversation soon turned to the bottle of “Death at the crimson altar” bottle sitting on my shelf. He asked if we could open and try it. Why not ? What better time to try it than now with somebody to hold my hand ?

    On opening this sauce, unlike the Devon7, it lets you know it is going to punish you right from the start. .the smell of chillies and evil rushes out like an airlock being opened. I even recoiled. A second sniff you get all the wonderful flavours that are obviously there.

    This was now a nervy test. .having smelt the evil I was expecting the puinishment. Like the Devon7 we did 3 tests ; spoon test, starter test and with main meal test. The spoon test was incredible. .the taste is truly stunning and the heat. …..within seconds I had a firey glow everywhere. Ears, cheeks, mouth, toungue and throat. It was a brutal heat which quickly brought me out in sweats. All I could think was this is good. ..very good. …..and I want more. ..right now.

    Moving quickly onto our starters of samosas we tucked in occassionally going for the cream dip I’d made to control the firey waves. It just got better and more and more delicious the more we ate. By the time we had finished half the bottle had gone.

    Death at the crimson altar is sublime. .amazing. ..delicious. .everything. The Devonchilliman has created something really special and I want more. If you get the chance to get your hands on a bottle do it..respect it. ..enjoy it and welcome to a truly beautiful creation.

  11. Steve B

    Wow! Just wow! I’ve got to admit to being a little scared to try this but bubbling with anticipation having read/seen the reviews, and boy does it live up to the hype. From the first pop, fumes lifting into your eyes as you feel the flavour, you know it will burn, and it did. That first taste, a sweetness, peppery, delicious, then it starts. The burn that sticks and rises and lingers, and it’s wonderful. Surely a favourite already.
    And I have a travel bottle too, happy days

  12. Ross Labdon

    This is my latest chilli sauce. My third from DCM (who I have only recently stumbled across).

    Wow. The name fits this sauce well. I’m not normally a liquorice fan, but it is a nice gentle taste before the pain from the chilli content hits you. It lit me up. The only way I found to tame the pain on the tounge was to bite it. Whilst I didn’t get the chilli cough or sweats I did find my self gently sucking air for a few mins. Once the tounge calms down your left with the lovely taste of the chillies. Bob on.

    Well done Cliff this is cracking stuff. And is my new favourite hot sauce when heat is required.

  13. John Pearson

    Probably the best chilli sauce I have ever tasted, would highly recommend this has a good punch with a smokey and sweet taste, I have tried many supermarket chilli sauces but death at the crimson alter is far superior with all natural ingredients, A++++++

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