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Cannabalistic  is a sweet sweet mango hot sauce taken to the next level with the unmistakable taste & heat of the Butch T Reaper chilli

It's here! Enjoy folks! Butch T Reaper review.

Posted by Antonio D'Aguanno on Monday, 17 September 2018

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Cider Vinegar, Mangoes, Peppers, Sugar, Butch T Reaper Chillies, Mustard, Lime Juice, Salt,Spices

3 reviews for Cannabalistic

  1. Paul

    I’ve always been a massive fan of Devon Chiili Man Sauces, but this time he’s come for your taste buds armed with a Mango and a small army of Butch Taylor Reapers (BTR) chillies, and he’s a look in his eye that tells you he isn’t taking any prisoners.

    From popping off the cap of the bottle you know you’re in for something special. The Mango aroma from this sauce is unmistakeable, but sniff a little deeper and nose will detect the unmistakable smell of fear, or BTR as you’ll come to know it.

    Cannabalistic threatens to both tantalise and terrify your taste buds at the same time. Well, probably more terrify than tantalise but that’s just a case of semantics.

    Tasting the sauce you’ll find out that all your initial hopes and dreams where true, this is something special for sure – You get that sweet, sweet, sweet, fruity Mango hit before the BTR chillies take over and take your tongue to task.

    Yes, it’s hot, and no, it’s not messing about.

    One of the first things you’ll come to realise is that this sauce is incredibly moreish. But, that isn’t a bad thing. Not that it ever is when something tastes this good.

    With it being a Mango sauce it goes with a whole range of other good things. You can pop it on a Full English Breakfast in the morning, the sweet fruity Mango works tremendously well with the savoury sausages, bacon, beans, black pudding, eggs and anything else you normally find on such plates.

    Come dinner time you can adorn your Ham and Cheese, Chicken Salad or Tuna Cheese Sandwich with Cannabalistic goodness and you won’t be disappointed. Be warned, the Tuna Cheese and Cannabalistic sauce can be a bit of a game changer, you might not want to go back.

    Come tea time and you’ll find that you can liberally cover your Pizza with it and it’ll do nothing but enhance anything it finds on there.

    You can even use it as a side dish on a Curry to give it a bit more kick if you find it wanting.

  2. kevinfizzywheeler (verified owner)

    What an absolutely fantastic sauce, packs the heat without being overpowering, goes with pretty much everything. If you want to pimp up your baked beans, or pot noodle (believe me it works like magic in turning bland to tasty)
    It works just as well as a dipping sauce for chips or crisps. I’m sure that, give it a week, and it will have adorned most of our meals at some in some way.
    I’ve already placed an order for some more and I’m afraid that with all positive reviews it will soon sell out, which in all honesty it deserves to, however I hope Devonchilliman can cook up some more to satisfy the appetite for it. Fully deserves a 5 star rating, get some whilst it is in stock!

  3. gerryfergus79 (verified owner)

    My number one hot sauce for a few years now. Nothing compares to this.

    Brilliant level of “natural” heat. None of those rubbish extracts here that mass market sauces favour.

    This is a proper artisan sauce, amazing as a salad dressing. Unbelievably good on a fried egg (weird yeah, but trust me)
    I’ll have it on almost everything

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