Devon 7 Strawberry Hot Sauce ***NOW 14OML***

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*** NEW 140ml Bottle***
This Strawberry based hot sauce is extremely hot and fast becoming a favourite of my customers!, its made using DevonChilliMan’s home grown ‘Lucky 7’ chillies and ‘Gibbering Idiot’ chillies.

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Ingredients: Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Lucky 7 chillies, Gibbering Idiot chillies, Strawberries, Black Pepper.


3 reviews for Devon 7 Strawberry Hot Sauce ***NOW 14OML***

  1. clayton (verified owner)

    Amazing tasting sauce, Cliff is a genius. So glad I found his products.

  2. Jason Evans (verified owner)

    this is a great tasting sauce that ill definitely be reordering. prefect balance between sweetness and heat

  3. Ian Trudgian (verified owner)

    Very curious aroma (sharp strawberry)
    Mmm strawberry taste with a sweet hot chilli kick
    Afterburners are on
    Heat 7/10
    Works well with sweet dishes (crumble).

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