Gibbering Smoke Keyring Bottle

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Gibbering Smoke is now available in  this really handy keyring bottle that comes with a carabiner clip,so there’s no excuse for saying “I wish I had some hot sauce on me” !!!

Gibbering Smoke  Is A Rich Smokey Chipotle Sauce that’s been described by a customer as “A brown sauce with AK47’s”

Its made using our twenty hour applewood cold smoked Jalapenoes and Gibbering Idiot chillies to give it an extra kick.

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Weight 0.15 kg


Ingredients: water, balsamic vinegar, chipotle chilli, white onion, cider vinegar, apple, light muscavado, chilli (gibbering idiot), salt, various spices

9 reviews for Gibbering Smoke Keyring Bottle

  1. Clayton

    Amazing tasting sauce, Cliff is a genius. So glad I found his products.

  2. mason.dale

    sweet savoury balance is perfect, as is the consistency, heat n taste. Can’t wait to try the XXX Gibbering Smoke hotter version very pleased

  3. Julia

    Absolutely stunning sauce! Make sure you keep a stock in as you’ll be lost without it!

  4. Kirk Glendening

    Fantastic product. I use it as my everyday sauce. I literally put it on everything. It’s great on beans on toast as well as burgers and steak. Perfect balance of Smokey flavour with a little bit of heat

  5. Dean Harmes

    Gibbering smoke is my favourite sauce of all time. I have tried hundreds over the years and never found anything that matches the taste and versatility of this sauce . It has so many uses and goes with anything. Even great on salads. I have bought loads from cliff and give a fair bit away as gifts and everyone loves it’s unique taste. Simply awesome

  6. Richard

    The original and best sauce that will go on anything.

  7. Karen Ridley

    My go to table sauce, I wouldn’t be without it simply delicious

  8. Andrew Turner

    Hands down this is my favourite sauce. I have had it for 3 days and put it in everything! The layers of flavour are intense! I will be buying in bulk moving forward.

  9. Ben Elliott

    Used a bottle up on just one BBQ, it was that good!

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